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Press for Five Encounters

"...every once in a while a production comes along that’s not just realistic, but is an actual slice of real life. This gentle, sensitively presented, carefully rehearsed performance piece... [is] directed with subtlety and a fine hand...

- Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

"Performed with inviting warmth by Eric Sorensen and sensitively directed by Jeremy Ohringer... Five Encounters delivers a satisfying hour of introspection that is more active than the usual solo fare... Sorensen and Ohringer do commendable work creating an atmosphere that encourages viewers to open up and share some of themselves in the process."

- Oliver Sava, The Reader

Press for milkwhite

"...raw, visceral plays that touch on addiction and the manic, compulsive behavior of the artist in society. That may sound overly broad, but thanks to superb performances the theme is never short on substance. With that in mind, it’s easy to imagine the Kinematics going from new kid to hot ticket in the blink of an eye."

—Matt De La Peña, The Reader


Press for Spring Awakening
"Jeremy Ohringer’s contemporary adaptation explores all the angst, insecurities and emotional needs of teenagers which, unfortunately, are still much the same as in 1891. The new Fearless Theatre Collaborative premiers with a cautionary tale that contains enough bite and sizzle to satisfy today’s audiences, while showing promise for additional excellent productions to come."
-Chicago Theatre Review


"Jeremy Ohringer and his creative ensemble found some innovative ways of keeping the show current, which demonstrate a promising future for these artists ...this adaptation is a worthy addition to the Chicago theatre scene."

- Chicago Critic


"Ohringer and company do a great job streamlining the production to get to the meat...decisions like eliminating any appearance of an adult proves that a skilled hand was holding the scalpel. Ohringer’s adaptation truly brings to light just how much these young adults are dealing with. " - Chicago Stage Standard

Press for Sad Songs for Bad People 

"4 stars out of 4…Gorgeous ensemble collaboration by this troupe of winning actors…It won’t just be the ghosts of the departed puppets that will return to haunt you, it will be the emotions you unearth as you go on the journey with Rough House. You will laugh, you will think, you might cry."
– Angela Allyn's Chicago Stage Standard Review


"Sad Songs for Bad People” isn’t just a darkly humorous puppet show, it’s also a beautifully realized meta theatrical statement about why we sing sad songs and what they mean to us. - Eli Keel, LEO Weekly


Press for Who Rowed Across Oceans
"Ohringer’s stylistic staging, almost Hellenic in its emphasis on human form and human stamina..." - Kemper Corner Reviews

Press For Orlando

" a perfect world, every production would be as superbly exhilarating as Virginia Woolf's ORLANDO..." - Saratoga Wire


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