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Acting / public Speaking 

  •  Build confidence

  •  Find the perfect monologue

  •  Discover how to make it distinctly YOU

  •  Develop the skills for success

  •  Have fun!

With over seven years of coaching experience, I can help you find your voice and together we will perfect craft an exceptional performance. I am a Chicago-based teaching artist and director with a BS from Skidmore College and an MFA in theatre directing from Boston University. I have worked with countless students to develop confidence and the skills they need to feel great about their audition. Using a variety of acting approaches, I help students build a character, create consistency in their performance, and develop a practice that helps them sustain energy and focus.

Recommendations from students and collaborators:


“Jeremy is so generous as a theatre artist – he makes me believe in myself as an actor!” – Ben M.


“Jeremy is an incredible teacher who is able to both guide the actor toward clearer storytelling and more truthful expression while still allowing them to experiment, play, and make discoveries themselves. Jeremy is the kind of teacher that every actor hopes to work with.” – Maddie H.


“Jeremy is a teacher every actor needs by their side. His infectious spirit makes his processes joyfully collaborative, prioritizing the value of the actor’s ideas and impulses. Within his playful, generous, one-of-a-kind creative environment, it is amazing the lengths you’ll grow and improve.” – Mose K.

"Jeremy is able to pull nuanced performances out of actors through his ability to analyze text and understanding of character. More than that, he creates a safe space that empowers actors to take risks." - Galya L.

"I've been directed by Jeremy as both a student and in a professional capacity, and I have loved it every time. Jeremy excels in allowing his actors and students to experiment within the ultimate vision of the work, then uniting their creativity in a way that makes them feel valued and heard, able to take risks without fear. Every piece with Jeremy feels like a fully collaborative piece." - Josh Z.


"Jeremy is a skilled acting coach. He works in deep collaboration with actors to illicit complex and realistic emotional lives for their characters." - Mara S.

Coaching Fee

 Remote Coaching Sessions start at $40 for 45 minutes. A package of 5 sessions will be offered at a discounted rate of $180.

To book, contact:

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